Welcome to my brand new website! It’s been a long time coming but I have finally made my way around to finishing this thing up. I started redesigning some time ago and spent a couple of weeks off and on getting the structure in place using WordPress and a clean install of Underscores. I then promptly set it aside for a few months while I began a new job and focused on other important aspects of my life. I’ve tinkered away, taking my time getting everything exactly the way I want it. My intention has been to build with the least amount of required components possible, but also with the flexibility to expand from a solid foundation—an idea as relevant to web building as it is to quality design. As a result I have poured attention into every last character of HTML, CSS, and WordPress to create something I feel is finally worth sharing.

Every WordPress site needs an appropriate name. This isn’t something I wanted to skim over, especially given that right at the top of the stylesheet a theme name declaration is required. So after a handful of considerations I ended up borrowing a term found in physics: quanta.

“In physics, a quantum (plural: quanta) is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction.”
“Quantum,” n.d., https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum.

Now a website is not quite a physical entity. Really, it’s just a bunch of light projected onto your retinas that may or may not be visually appealing. However, you are a physical entity and that’s all that matters to me—and I hope this light is appealing to you.

The concept of ‘quanta’ is one I feel especially appropriate for describing my approach to visual language and web building. As a designer I am constantly shuffling through information in an effort to strike balance between too much and too little, but there always comes a point when the vibration between this duality subsides. This is the point at which I know I have found success in searching for that minimum interaction between elements that most effectively manifests an idea. From concept to completion this is always the goal, and it’s one that I consistently strive to deliver.

So feel free to poke around and decide for yourself how well I’ve captured this manifesto. I’ll be updating as time goes on, most likely infrequently, but always thoughtfully.

Until next time,